Purchase by sending ETH to our NATV Contract Address Below

( 0xd8b81c3f6ed4aef077155ddff2c61ca4e447407c )

To purchase, you must use an ERC-20 wallet like Myetherwallet, Metamask, or Mist so we can credit your NATV tokens to you. Do not send money directly from an exchange. If you need help please see our help link or contact us at team@nativecurrency.com

NATV tokens will be automatically securely distributed to your account by the smart contract following your investment. You’ll then be able to view and manage your tokens from your wallet.

This is not an offer to buy or sell securities.
This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. NATV tokens provide utility use and service rights to the Gigb2b freelance network affiliate networks, and our business products and services platform. As a NATV token holder you may use, save, sell, or trade your tokens at any time. Purchasing NATV tokens does not provide equity ownership, rights to revenue, or profit sharing in the business, network, or community, of Native Currency LLC or Gigb2b Inc. The purchase of NATV tokens is an acceptance of our Disclaimer and Risk Factors.Read here


Over 100 million people worldwide earn income as freelancers contributing well over $715 Billion in annual freelance earnings. The freelance industry is expected to grow significantly in the US, China, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines over the next 5 years.


We have developed Native Currency (NATV) to be a smart contract that utilizes the NATV token to provide rights of access to the professional and freelance service industries while providing the necessary network tools that enable NATV token owners the rights to sell products and services, contribute labor and obtain access to freelance jobs through our affiliated networks.


Join Native Currency and the booming freelance industry. From every corner of the globe, more and more individuals are earning income and financial freedom as freelancers. Native Currency aims to be the top choice in payment and hosting services for freelancers and employers worldwide.

  • Token Name :
  • Ticker :
  • Maximum :
  • Minimum :
  • Platform :
  • ICO Pricing :
  • ICO Start Date :
  • ICO End date :
  • Native Currency
  • NATV
  • 30,000,000 NATV
  • Already Raised
  • Ethereum
  • 1 ETH = 1,000 NATV
  • 9/04/2017
  • 10/03/2017

What you receive:

  • 1,000 NATV tokens for each 1 ETH Invested
  • Rights to access the freelance marketplace using NATV tokens
  • Rights to use our freelance and payment networks using NATV tokens
  • Rights to sell or offer freelance services and professional business services
  • Rights to use, save, sell, or trade NATV tokens at any time
  • 10 x Bonus while NATV tokens supplies last (11,000 NATV for 1 ETH)

Investor Protection

All NATV tokens purchased are distributed through a smart contract automatically on the blockchain. This process serves as a secure escrow for token delivery with the purchaser receiving instant credit for all NATV tokens purchased. We have developed this distribution system to function in accordance with other secure and successful ethereum projects.

We have set a maximum cap of 30 Million Native Currency Tokens (NATV) that are available in the Token Sale. Once that cap is reached no more purchases will be accepted and no additional tokens will ever be created.

Purchase Tokens in 3 Easy Steps

  • Set up a wallet at MyEtherWallet.com or Mist if you do not already have one.
  • Move the amount of Ethereum (ETH) into your wallet that you plan to use to purchase NATV tokens. If you do not already have (ETH) tokens, you can purchase them from any crypto exchange like coinbase.com. If you have other cryptocurrencies, you can sell or exchange them into (ETH) first if needed.
  • Send the amount of ETH that you want to participate in the crowdsale to our smart contract address and you will receive your NATV tokens. Please make sure you set the gas price to 60Gwei to ensure your purchase goes through quickly. The default of 21Gwei has been processing some transactions slower due to network overloads.

Join Our Token Sale

Join Native Currency’s Token Sale and take part of the freelance revolution! Native Currency will be the bridge that helps connect businesses, employers and freelancers from across the world through a secure business and payment network using smart contracts and Native Currency tokens.



Turn tokens into cash

We are developing partnerships that will allow NATV token holders to be able to exchange NATV into other preferred local or native currencies including USD, Ruble, Rupee, Renminbi, Yen and among others.

Rights of Network Access

NATV token holders receive rights to access our affiliated freelance networks including GIGB2B.com, where they can advertise freelance jobs, hire freelancers, create freelance profiles, advertise professional services, and bid on freelance projects.

Speedy & Secure Escrow Payments

Any employer can pay freelancers securely using the Native Currency smart contract which holds the funds in escrow and releases Native Currency tokens to the freelancer once the work is completed or delivered.

Rights to Sell Products & Services

NATV token holders receive rights to sell or advertise professional products and services through our affiliated freelance and business marketplaces.

Premier Payment solution for all freelance work

Native Currency aims to be the premier and most cost-effective payment solution for every type of freelance work across the world regardless of the hiring platform used.

Rights to Host Websites

NATV token holders will be able to host websites using NATV token and/or earn NATV tokens by contributing sales or technical support to other hosting members.

Trade tokens on exchanges

NATV tokens will be available on crypto exchanges following our token sale.

Rights to earn NATV tokens and develop services and features

Individuals and or companies will have opportunities to contribute professional services, labor, development services, and new features to our freelance network.


  • Distribute NATIVE CURRENCY Tokens to all purchasers ( Transferred immediately upon purchase using MyEtherWallet.Com )
  • Improve and expand the gigb2b.com freelance website and integrate NATV tokens for accessing and using the network including: bidding, commissions, payment, escrow, and release of funds. (October 2017)
  • Complete development and release a reliable webhosting platform that uses NATV tokens for monthly hosting fees. In return, NATIVE CURRENCY is paid out to members who provide sales and technical assistance to current and future hosting customers. (December 2017)
  • Token holders gain access to trade NATV Tokens through multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. (October – November 2017)
  • Develop and release a simple and affordable payment solution that will enable any employer to pay any freelancer or employee regardless of the project or freelancer location or hired network using NATIVE CURRENCIES. (December 2017)
  • Develop local hubs that allow Native Currency users access to exchange NATV tokens into any local currency (January 2018)
  • Develop additional products and services that can provide benefits to the freelance and small business industry (We have several projects in the pipeline including webhosting, storage, etc) (Ongoing Releases, Dates to be Determined following ICO)


Jason Hoff

President, GIGB2B
Founder, Native Currency